Registration instructions

Notice 011/2019

Registration sheet


Registration period: July 23 to August 2 2019.


In order to apply, access https://www.npd.uem.br/sgipos/, fill registration  and complementary sheet and attach the following documents: 

1)       Authenticated copy of Undergraduate and/or Masters Diploma;

2)       Authenticated copy of Undergraduate and/or Masters School Record;

3)       Authenticated copy of Identity Card;

4)       Authenticated copy of Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate;

5)       Authenticated copy of CPF;

6)       Two 3x4 pictures

7)       Lattes Curriculum

8)       Registration fee payment receipt – www.dcf.uem.br/arrecadacao - code 12

Inscription fee: R$ 200,00 per subject (except for PPZ students and DCO professors) 

OBS.: the inscription fees will not be refunded for non-admited students


Selection procedures: at the discipline teacher’s discretion.